Private events at 7Numbers

We host parties big and small at both our locations - Eglinton West and on the Danforth. Family celebrations from birthdays to anniversaries to... you name it! If you want to join us with a group of 6-12 (or more) during regular business hours, just call ahead for a reservation. If you are looking to have a room to yourselves, or perhaps take over the whole restaurant, give Vito a call at our Danforth location 416.469.5183, or Thom at Eglinton West 416.322.5183. We can do Take-away, Catering, Luncheons, Dinners, Corporate events, Holiday parties... you can even have a private Cooking Class if you wish!

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We have plenty of options for menus, and pride ourselves on being able to accommodate a wide range of dietary concerns. There is no rental fee for our spaces, but a minimum charge will apply for events outside our normal operating hours (Mondays, luncheons, etc.).

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Give us a call, send us an email! If you know us already you know we can make it happen. If you don't know us yet, we will win you over!

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Family Style Set Menu for Groups

Our Family Style prix fixe menu is great for groups of 2 to 100. It is a 3-course meal that hits all the high points of our menu. Items may vary by availability, but there is always something great for the table.


We start you with platters to share at the table of popular items like our calamari, arugula salad with goat cheese and red pepper, caprese and spinach salad with gorgonzola and walnuts. And that's just the warm-up.


Next come platters to share of our primi selections for the day; veal lasagne, linguine with rapini and fresh tomato, and orecchiette with sugo.


This is where each person gets to choose their own favourite main course from the Secondi menu. One person can get the Eggplant while someone else gets the Pesce del Giorno, and yet another might take the Meatballs, or the Lamb Shank, or... And just for the traditionalists we bring out some fresh insalata and grilled veggies to accompany it all. Buonissimo!

You don't even have to pre-book this option, just let us know right at the table and we'll get it fired up for you. But please do bring an appetite, and maybe... you know... wear something loose-fitting? 'Cuz if you ain't full by the time we're done, we've done something terribly wrong!