White wines

A tumbler IS a wine glass where Rosa comes from.

  5oz. 1/2 litre btl
(750 ml)


Pinot Grigio: Argentina 2015
Pale straw colour; peach and tropical fruit aromas; extra dry palate with medium body and crisp flavours.
8.50 24 46

Morgan Bay

California 2014
This wine is a bright gold color with bright aromas of Meyer lemon, pear and apple, with vanilla and cinnamon.
13 37 52

Wildass Rosé

Ontario 2016
Inviting aromas of strawberry-rhubarb, raspberry, red cherry and orange peel. Bright, fresh and crisp with a lip-smacking finish and good length.
13.50 38 54


Riesling: Venezie 2016
Fresh aromas of lemon zest and lime leaf. The palate is bursting with orchard pear, complemented by a wonderful stony minerality. 
13.50 38 54

Rechsteiner IGT

Pinto grigio: Venezie 2016
Pale straw yellow Fruity nose with hints of yellow apple, pear and flowers, medium body, smooth palate and soft ending.

Albino Armani

Sauvignon Blanc: Grave del Friuli 2016
Yellow color with distinct green hints. The scent reveals the specific character of the variety: pepper, grapefruit, boxwood and black currant. Fresh, tasty and elegant on the palate.


Marchesi di Barolo DOCG: Piedmont 2015
Crisp and clean with terrific lemon zest and freshness. Some yellow apple and white pear on a clean finish.


Trebbiano DOP: Abruzzo 2015
Fresh aromas of apricot, grapefruit, jasmine and orange blossoms, anise. Crisp and clean with zippy aromas and flavors of green apple, anise and almond.

Sparkling wines

Celebrate today!

  5oz.   btl

Prosecco Asolo DOCG

Persistent, very fine and well-sustained perlage and brilliant straw yellow colour with greenish highlights. Fresh and fruity fragrances of apple, white flowers and bread crust. Round, lively and slightly aromatic palate with a touch of tartness.
10   40


Villa di Corlo
If you've never tried a sparkling RED before... you should! It has a slight sweetness, with a welcome acidity that makes it delightfully refreshing. The structure and wild-fruit-earthiness make this perfect for game, roasted meats and salumi.
14   56
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