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Rosa's Recipes

Holiday Fritelle | Rosa's Lasagne | Taralli
Customers are forever praising Mama Rosa's fabulous food, so we decided to let folks in on a few of her coveted recipes. Yes, it's true that Rosa almost never works off a recipe - it's all in her head - but ain't nothing wrong with sharing the love.

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Cooking with Rosa

Once a month Rosa opens the doors at Eglinton on a Monday for a dinner party where you can join her in the kitchen. Get your hands messy as you help make food for your Big Night style dinner. It's an expanded version of our Family Style menu with plenty of Antipasti, Primi & Secondi with wine included. It's a great party with a little learning and a fantastic meal all for $85 plus tax and tip (or CASH price $90 all in).
Start time 7:00pm, get there for 6:30!
Monday November 25
Monday January 27

Family Style Menu

Perfect for groups of 2-100. Our kitchen will send you platters of Antipasti like calamari, caprese, arugula salad and spinach salad, then we hit you with platters of our pasta including lasagne, orecchiette and linguine, then you each get to pick your own individual main course from the Secondi list (exceptions may apply), plus insalata and grilled veggies on the side. Saves almost all the decision making, covers all the bases, delicious and amazing.

Private & Corporate Events

You name it, we've done it. Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Charity Events and Fundraisers... let us know what you need and we will make it happen. Luncheons, Cooking with Rosa -style events, or a private space for your people with all the food and fun of 7Numbers. Call Vito at Danforth or Thom at Eglinton.

Eglinton Hours, Map, Parking


516 Eglinton Avenue West
Tuesdays through Saturdays 5-11pm
Sundays 5-10pm  |  Closed Mondays


One block east of us is Castle Knock Road, turn north and you will see the entrance to a Green P parking lot that runs behind our row of buildings - please don't come through the alleyway - it's an alleyway! Come in the front door. You can try your luck parking on the side streets, but we're staying out of it!

Danforth Hours, Map, Parking


307 Danforth Avenue
Tuesdays through Saturdays 5-11pm
Sundays 5-10pm  |  Closed Mondays


It's Danforth, what can I tell you - the best parking option is to take the subway. There's a Green P at 25 Ferrier Avenue to the east of us and one at 35 Erindale Avenue just to our west, and you might score a spot on the side streets but be careful - and be nice to the neighbours.


Menu Danforth | Eglinton

At 7Numbers Eglinton Mama Rosa keeps it Old Skool with her traditional cucina, while 7Numbers Danforth rocks a more diverse range of dishes.